Mobotica started as a repository for codes and installation guides in March 2010. Ever since it has grown to be much more - as of now it is a platform for discussion about software, hardware and theoretical concepts of mobile robotics. Here are those who have helped in this effort.

This list has been arranged alphabetically by the surname.  

Arkapravo Bhaumik

Arkapravo Bhaumik is from New Delhi, India and is often found in blissful slumber. Otherwise, he would be cursing his computer and his mobile robots for bad performance, never realising that it is his own code. He is the chief contributor and administrator at mobotica. He has master's degrees in Physics and Mechatronics. A ROS enthusiast and enjoys jabbering about 'behaviour based robotics'. Current interests are swarm robotics, multirobot systems, cooperation in mobile robotics and ubiquitous robotics.

He can be reached at arkapravobhaumik at gmail dot com.

Luke Dunn

Luke Dunn lives in penury and isolation on the south east coast of England, but he loves coding and other hobbies so much that such mundane trivial details never bother him. He writes, draws, walks and cooks for pleasure too. He owned a Tandy TRS-80 with Microsoft Basic in 1981 aged 11 but was not liberated from the nightmare of goto statements until he started using Python around the time of the Millennium. His degree in physics at Bristol University was cut short by urges to explore the planet and seek enlightenment, but he retained the germ of a physics sensibility which comes in handy when he brainstorms with Arkapravo.

His blog is at and he can be reached at luke.dunn at gmail dot com

Eliseo Ferrante

Eliseo Ferrante was born in Bari, Italy, on August 7th 1982. In 2004,he obtained a Bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), score: 102/110; in 2007, he obtained a Master degree in Informatics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), score: 110/110 and a Master of Science at College of Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), GPA: 3.8/4.0; in 2009, he obtained a Master of Advanced Studies at Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). Since February 2008 he is a PhD student at IRIDIA, CoDE, Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium under the supervision of professor Marco Dorigo and followed by Dr. Ali Emre Turgut. The focus of his research is artificial intelligence, swarm robotics. In particular, his research focuses on the design of self-organized decision-making and information transfer strategies for swarm of robots tackling problems in complex environments. The focus of his PhD thesis is self-organized flocking. Since May 2012, Eliseo joined Prof. Tom Wenseleers Socio-ecology and Social Evolution laboratory. With Dr. Ali Emre Turgut and Prof. Tom Wenseleers, they are currently designing self-organizing collective behaviors for a population of homogeneous and heterogeneous robots using artificial grammatical evolution. Their current model scenario is task-partitioning.

His website is at and he can be reached at eferrant at ulb dot ac dot be

Devasena Prasad

Devasena is from Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh India, a technology enthusiast and loves coding. She is currently working at University of Southampton, Web and Internet Science domain in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. She has masters in Computer Science with specialisation in Automation and Robotics. She likes fiddling with gadgets, electronics stuff and robots. She worked on Husky, Turtlebot and LEGO robots and implemented functionality ranging from navigation, mapping to multi-robot map merging using cloud services. Her code repository is at, Although she is not an avid writer but occasionally she pens down her feelings and views. Her blog is at, She can be reached at devasena dot prasad at gmail dot com .


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You guys are great and inspiring. Thank you for what you have done so far here.

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