Thursday, 19 August 2010



Back from vacation and time to pick were my work was left off ..

Using player log to create a map ..... never knew that player/stage comes with inbuilt utility pmap utility.

on running the command $pmaptest -g
"logname" -g non gui mode  

this produces a pretty neat map make sure pmaptest is built and linked and give a log file ... there are other options too 

I used writelog driver to generate the log


name "writelog"
log_directory "/home/iis-tainee/Downloads/logs"
basename "mydata"
requires ["laser:0" "position2d:0"]
provides ["log:0"]
alwayson 1
autorecord 1

Monday, 16 August 2010

WALL-E & EVA - 2.0

WALL-E & EVA - 2.0 

If robots could have romantic mushy chit-chat, how would it be ? The idea is given a comical angle with a python script utilising the random module and the time module.

A script which gives output as the following, 

and on other times as,

.... still other occasions,

Guess romance has its own odds !

Many thanks Luke, this mushy program works nice ! 

The Python script is available here.