Monday, 5 July 2010



While going through the stage installations files, I found a walle include file at Stage-3.2.0-Source/worlds/

Marrying file with the 'usual', simple.cfg and files I got wall-e to move around in the 'caves' environment !

Somehow this appealed to the child in me ! :) 

The following video is by talk2aswin;


chandra88 said...

hi Arkapravo ,
thx for the blog on installing player / stage ..
have u worked on map building or localization of robot ..
i need help in implementing the same .. or how to implement the existing vfh , amcl and wavefront drivers ..
thx in advance

Arkapravo said...

Hi Prithvi

I am happy to know that you found my article worthwhile.

I have worked on vfh, wavefront and mricp. mricp gives real time results, but pretty ugly maps :(. All the details of these files (vfh, wavefront, mricp and amcl) and their usages are in the Player and Stage installation files.

Best of luck


prithvi said...

i have been going through the documentation and having a few problems it would be great help if there was some example or guide as the one online seem to be old ..

thx u for the help


Arkapravo said...

1)For vhf : see stage-3.2.0/worlds/vfh.cfg
2)For wavefront : see stage-3.2.0/worlds/wavefront.cfg
Both these cfg files can be made to work with the default 'simple' example.

3)For mricp : player/server/driver/mixed , however the mricp files are outdated and you will have to make your own.

4)For amcl : never used it !

Any more problems send me an e-mail.

prithvi said...

thanks you
appreciate it very much

Arkapravo said...

Hi Prithvi

Would you wish to contribute to this blog. It may be wonderful if you could put in screenshots with write-ups of your results ?

If you are okay, then do inform me. I will send you an 'author' invitation.

Arkapravo said...

Hi Prithvi

Have a look here,

Punit Mittal said...

hi everybody
i m punit, student of IInd year at IIITM Gwalior. I am working on a project"executing tasks with deadline". i m going to implement an algorithm Nearest first swarm n i m new with palyer stage. i have already installed player 3.0.2 n stage 3.2.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. plz help me to build this project n how i can start.

Arkapravo Bhaumik said...

hi Punit,

Everything is well explained in the posting. Consider checking out the world files in the link provided.