Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Six upcoming article I have planned for the blog for the next three month;

'3 generations - shakey, flakey and erratic' - A brief discussion on the Saphira Architecture which has been responsible for these three very special mobile robots.

'Uncanny indeed' - A discussion on the uncanny valley hypothesis by Masahiro Mori

'Ecology based robotics' - A peek into Ecology based robotics

'GSSP' - Tutorial and discussion on Graphical State Space Programming

'Behave !' - A study of contrast - on the various definitions of 'behaviour' in mobile robotics

ROS@HacDC - It may be fun to review HacDC Robotics Class 2011 

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Luke Dunn said...

Of these three I find Ecology based robotics to be the most fascinating proposal. Hell, there isn't even a Wikipedia page on it yet, dude!

How happy the would-be god who discovers a novel form of emergence. We can make clockwork as much as we like without hitting the real wave, but to warrant the name "ecology" a system would have to pop into some new behaviour you the designer had never expected or planned.

And if you never planned it then how can you design for it ? By retaining your mystical intuition about things that Rudy Rucker calls "Gnarly". Even with huge data and billions of runs of a sim, you'd still need to be overseeing it in person to spot the magic case.

Only then a Jedi will you be !

...(only then an arrogant git will I be for imagining I can quote Yoda without being a Jedi yet either... but there we go)