Tuesday, 7 December 2010



At BIT, Ranchi there are 11 I-Bot Robot.

These robots are made by triindia and build on a Philips 8051 microcontroller. However much to my annoyance, each robot is merely equipped with 2 sets of light sensors and can only be used for very simple experiments (viz.obstacle avoidance and line following).

The programming is done in C

These experiments are often included as a introductory robotics lab for postgraduate engineering students. 


Luke Dunn said...

Nice code, looks like it does the trick despite simplicity. With that loop the robot seems to manifest quite complex behaviour, is it not that the code is simple but if the environment is rich then the behaviour will follow that and be rich and complex.

Arkapravo said...

Well ... it is a good demonstration ...simplicity of the code helps to understand .... but nothing much can be done with just one set of sensors.

'line following' and 'obstacle avoidance' .... that is pretty lame ... :-)

abhijit said...

nice and tasty blog

Arkapravo said...

Tasty ! ..... ;-)