Saturday, 28 January 2012



An interesting recreation in player/stage is walle, which was designed by Richard. I have made a ROS package of the same. The package can be downloaded here, . The simulation may be run with the following command;

rosrun stage stageros `rospack find walle_ros`/world/ 

This stage window should pop-up,

The simulation script employs the stage wander controller, and the simulation starts off in the 'PAUSED' mode, left click on the stage window and press P to get things moving. Walle will wander around.

To have a closer look at walle, left click on the stage window and press R (Perspective camera). 

  1. Tested on ROS diamondback, should work on ROS electric
  2. Any issues with the ROS package, please write to me at arkapravobhaumik at gmail dot com

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